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Louis Schanker Prints

A relief print taken from a block of wood, often pine, where the areas which are to remain uninked are cut away from the image using a sharp knife or gouge. The natural grain of the wood is often enhanced by rubbing stiffly with a wire brush.


From Louis Schanker's example the great development of the color woodcut in America chiefly stems.
                 About Prints, Stanley William  Hayter,
                                           artist, author, 1964
Hyman Warsager, 1965 Smithsonian Interview, comments on Schanker and color prints.




   *BM numbers refer to 
Louis Schanker-Prints 1924-1971
                       Brooklyn Museum 1974

schanker tugboats

Schanker Bathers

Schanker Speak Easy II

1924, linocut, 6.5 X 4.5in, BM01

1925, linocut, 6.5 X 4.5in, BM04

 Speak Easy II
1924, etching, 8 X 16in, BM02


Schanker Cyclone Coney Island


Cyclone, Coney Island
 c1933, lithograph


Schanker Three Men on a Bench

Schanker Seated Figure

Schanker Cops and Pickets

Three Men on a Bench
c1939, 9.2 X 12.5in, BM35

Seated Figure
c1939, woodcut, 16.5 X  11in, BM33

Cops and Pickets
c1939, woodcut, 9.25 X 11.75in, BM26

With the rise of photography. U.S. printmaking came perilously close to dying out or becoming an academic backwater. What started the revival was the discovery of exciting new technical possibilities in the craft. Using up to 16 blocks to print from, artist Louis Schanker showed the rich color harmonies that could be achieved in what was traditionally a black-and-white medium.
          Art: The Printmakers, Time Magazine  5/21/56

Schanker Polo

1937, linocut, 17.5 X 22.5in, BM12


Schanker Family

Schanker 4 Figures

Schanker Cafe

1937, woodcut, 3.5 X 3in,

Four Figures
c1938, woodcut, 5.5 X 4.5in

c1938, lithograph, 9.5  X 5in


                                     Schanker 3 figures                                                                  Schanker St George and the Dragon

Three Figures, No 1       
1941, 12 X 16in, BM54       
                     (Smithsonian collection)                          

St. George and the Dragon           
   1941, woodcut, 9 X 12in,             BM52           
  (Smithsonian collection)            

Schanker Composition with Figures

abstraction in Grew Pink and Black

Schanker Birds in Flight

Composition with Figures
1942, woodcut, 8 X 14in, BM56

Abstraction in
Grey, Pink and Black
1942, woodcut, 5.5 X 4.5in, BM55

 Birds in Flight
 1944, woodcut, 14 X 30, BM61  



Line Form Color
 Wittenborn and Company, 1944






Schanker Birds and Animals in Landscape


    Birds and Animals in Landscape        
                        c1945, woodcut, 11.25 X 18.5in                            



                      Schanker Carnival                                                                            Schanker Circle Image No. 4

                                  1948, woodcut, 14.5 X 21in, BM94       
                                          (Smithsonian collection)  


          Circle Image No. 4, 
         1954-55, relief print,
           14 X 18in, BM119   


Schanker Lyrical Abstraction

Schanker Abstraction No. 8

Schanker Football No II

Lyrical Abstraction
1971, plexiglass relief, 16 X 24in,

Abstraction No. 8
1971, plexiglass relief, 26 X 18in,

Football No. II
1971, plexiglas relief, 16 X 24,







Schanker Abstraction

Schanker Abstraction

Schanker Abstraction No 17

c1975, relief print, 36 X 24in

c1975, relief print, 36 X 24in

Abstraction 17
c1975, relief print, 36 X 24in

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